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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Apple iphone: Finding the IMEI number

Users of the Apple iPhone are smart and so are their informations which they required. From the bunch of the informations that is required one that is of importance is IMEI number. The IMEI number is called International Mobile Equipment Identity.

Here are few of the ways to recognize the IMEI number of the Apple iPhone.

This article shows you several different ways you can locate it. (1) In iTunes 7.3 or later (2) On the back of your iPhone (3) In the iPhone About screen (4) On your iPhone packaging (serial number only).

Let us find out the way to find out the IMEI number from the iTunes 7.3. First, connect the iPhone to the computer. Second, when the iPhone appears in iTunes 7.3 or later, select it. Third, click the Summary tab, and the iPhone's serial number will display on screen.

Note: If you click the words "Serial Number" in this tab iTunes will also display the IMEI of your iPhone.

The second way to find the IMEI number is by : iPhone's serial number and IMEI are engraved on the back metal case.

Moreover, there is another method to find the iPhone serial number and IMEI in the About screen on your iPhone. From the Home screen, tap Settings > General > About.

From the Phone packaging is another method: If you still have the original packaging that your iPhone came in, you can find your iPhone serial number printed on the barcode label that's affixed to the packaging.

For Mac users it is little bit different : Connect iPhone Bluetooth Headset to your Mac via the iPhone Bluetooth Travel Cable or iPhone Dual Dock (disconnect iPhone if it is connected to the cable or dock). In Finder, choose, Apple > About this Mac. Click More Info and then click the reveal arrow next to Hardware. Then click USB. Under USB Device Tree, there will be an entry for iPhone Bluetooth Headset.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Apple iPhone: A multifunctional device

The Apple iPhone is much more than a mere talking device, combining the functions of a music player, internet device, camera and a video player, into a single device. The widescreen iPhone includes touch screen controls so you can enjoy all kinds of contents like audio book, movies, music and TV shows.

A comprehensive keypad, short cut buttons and a full fledged menu system is for ease of applications. The predictive QWERTY soft keyboard helps for easy and error-free typing. Other amazing features of the Apple iPhone are a 2 megapixel camera, rich HTML email client.

The loads of advanced software applications, offer you the best mobile experience. The Apple iPhone supports a unique Mac OS X a powerful platform. Explore the host of features with the touch of your fingertips. The QWERTY keypad helps you enter all your data fast. The Apple iPhone also comes endowed with EDGE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, e-mail client and web browser. The 4GB and 8GB versions, offer you enough space to load files of any data types. With the weight of 135 gm, the phone easily fits into your pocket.

Make a call just by touching a name or a number. Go directly to any of your messages with Visual Voicemail. The astonishing features of the Apple iPhone include a stunning display, a sleek design, an innovative multi-touch user interface, easy to use applications, and an excellent music player. Apart from the usual mobile phone features like SMS and visual voicemail capability, the Apple iPhone also consists of a music library
The rechargeable built-in battery of Apple iPhone has up to 5 hours talk / video / browsing time and up to 16 hours of audio playback time.
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